Welcome to the corporate home page for the Byet Internet .

We are providers in multiple online services including premium webhosting, free webhosting, domain registration, co-branded reseller services, advertising and publisher banner advertising services.

Our services reach over millions web surfers per day world wide with a strong presence in Northern America, Western Europe and Hispanic regions.

We are innovators and providers operating our own clustered and Cloud network infrastructure in multiple locations with trained specialists in Unix and Linux server administrators and developers.


Byet Internet are partnered with major advertising companies and service providers across the internet.  Our corporate sales and relations team are available to discuss new partnerships and business opportunities at your convenience.

To contact our business development and partnerships department please send an email to: corporate@byet.net


Whether you run a large E-Commerce site involving dozens of dedicated servers, or a single dedicated server for your gaming clan XLHost has the right server, and the right network for you. Our Telecommunications grade datacenter, and our Intel server grade hardware means that you will experience the fastest, most reliable dedicated hosting experience available today. We not only pride ourselves on our technology, but also on our personal service and our outstanding value. This is what has made XLHost an industry leader in the dedicated server market for the last six years.
Our dedicated servers are brand new, in stock, and can be setup same or next-day. All dedicated servers include free setup, no contracts, and a 7 day money back guarantee.


Reseller services launched

Celebrating the launch of our new innovative 'free hosting company' reseller service MORE...

Cloud Power

We have developed our own Cloud hosting technology which proudly powers our premium hosting customers for supreme security, speed and functionailty.

Premium hosting server upgrades

We are proud to annouce the roll out of a new range of 16 and 22 CPU Intel Xeon servers for our premium hosting infrastructure. MORE


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